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Default Missing ARS FAC when dialing form Call Log

Does anyone have come accross the Issue when dialing from Phones Call Log it will not automaticaly add the Feature Access Code (9 or 0) for ARS and thus not being able to complete the outgoing call?!

Station B uses Team Button to pick up the incoming Call from Station A, on first push of the Team Button you're able to the the Caller ID, on second push you get the Call. Works lick a charm so far. Have a look at the Phones Call Log and how the Caller ID has been added under Outgoing Call Log. The Number is missing the ARS FAC (9 or 0) to be redialed correctly as the System is not automatically adding ARS FAC to the number assuming the user knows how to place external calls.


Station B picks up an internal caller 5555 to Station A, so 5555 is added in Outgoing Call Log of Station B, and can be redialed without any problem.

Station B picks up an external caller 0170123456 to Station A, so 0170123456 is added to the Outgoing Call Log of Station B, this number is missing the ARS FAC because it's an external number.

Any guesses on this? Thanks for your feedback....
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