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Default No IM/Presence with OneX Portal

I am a novice with the Avaya system. Our One-X no longer has an icon for IM for any users.

We have IP Office 9.1.800.172 and One-X Portal 9.1.12 on a Server 2012 R2 box. The OneX Portal admin page shows IM/Presence as Starting. All the other components are green. Restarted the service, the server itself and have tried uninstalling/reinstalling One-X but it never changes from Starting.

Digging through logs, the 1XSCSServicesRollingFile.log shows repeated ERROR sipximbot - IMBot::connectToXMPPServer - Could not login to XMPP server
No response from the server.:

The IP Office Manager security Service User EnhTcpaService has had the password set. Does the IM/Presence connect through this as well? I don't see where to set a password. The Portal admin page has configuration for IM/Presence but not an entry for password.

Digging around more, in the onexportal\scs\etc\sipxpbx folder, the file shows a password of 12345 which is not something we have set. If I try to manually change this file, it is overwritten the next time the service starts up.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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