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Originally Posted by hharta View Post

Need to ask something, i have system Avaya CM integrate using Fxo-Fxs to PBX1, and PBX1 using Fxo-Fxs either connect to PBX2, if CM call to PBX1 is ok, if PBX1 call to PBX2 is OK, but if CM dial to PBX1 after got tone dial to ext PBX2, i can connect and only 2 sec and call drop , I got alarm

denial event 1712: Ofhk alrt tmo intvl admin D1=0x6 D2=0x23

If the station i change the COS that disable the alert off hook, i got alarm

denial event 1643: Off-hook dialing time out D1=0x6 D2=0x9a


I found the problem, i need change a little bit in ARS table

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