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Smile AADS New Install 8.0.1 Install Failure

Hi folks

Doing a new install of AADS 8.0.1. Using SMGR 7.1.2 and SM 7.1.2. Both show as compatible with AADS 8.0.1.

I found a SOLN348647 that sounded very close but, changing the key store password from "3edcVFR$" to "password" did not help. My SMGR enrollment pass word is also "password" which works fine on the Session Managers.

I associate it as probably a certificate issue - using SMGR as the CA - but until the app install is complete, I cannot access the AADS GUI to view the certificates.

One additional item to note, AADS IS getting an identity certificate from SMGR - there's one there for every attempt at the AADS installation / registration I've made. LOL

I keep getting to the point of DRS registration and the app install fails with:

"Certificate was added to keystore
Sending configurations to master node
IOException occurred in getMBeanConnection()
Executing # Sending registration information to DRS master
ERROR # 1 : Sending registration information to DRS master. Terminating configuration process ..........
/opt/Avaya/DeviceServices/ failed with exit code: 1, exiting...
2020-06-12_14:49:03 /opt/Avaya/DeviceServices/ failed with exit code: 1
2020-06-12_14:49:03 Changing owner/group of Avaya Aura Device Services files/directories to "ucapp"
2020-06-12_14:49:13 CAS/ post-install failed; aborting.
2020-06-12_14:49:24 Install script ended with failure."


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