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Default 1 Problem 6 and 7 SRs

I have had problems with analog lines dropping from a g450. We've replaced phones, re-run cable, etc. Contacted Avaya Support and they've updated firmware on all analog cards (MM716AP) on our two g450's. Fast-forward a month, now the second g450 is showing alarms on 2 analog cards and analog lines are still dropping on the first g450. I've had to request help on this one issue multiple times because the SR keeps getting closed before the problems are resolved.

I've had trouble getting the problems addressed in single SR's, so I've resorted to 2 separate SR's to track the now disparate issues.

A technician is now being dispatched for the g450 that has been dropping the analog lines. We're going to reboot the other g450 that is showing alarms (they've been re-inserted by the previous Avaya technician and again by myself as requested from Avaya support staff).

I'd really like the engineer that is coming onsite to look at both devices, but they're covered in separate SR's. Is there a way to do that? The engineer is scheduled for Monday and it's a Friday and the reboot on the second gw won't happen until morning to see if they alarms will go away.

Totally new to the forums, I did do a bit of searching to see if I could find anything related. Might even be posting in the wrong area. If so, just let me know and I'll post elsewhere. Advice is appreciated.
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