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Default IX workplace on iOS and using tsapi error??

Hi guys

Hope someone have had better luck then me on this one.

Strange thing is that when using the IX iOS mobile app and you answer the incoming call on TSAPI client and the IX workplace mobile app is in the background and screen it turned off/inactive the call fails and get redirected to the stations cover path.

If the IX app is in the foreground and screen is active, it works as it should when answering the call from the TSAPI client.

Avaya support has closed our SR with the conclusion that it's an Apple callkit restriction blocking the IX mobile app from turning on the screen and establish the audio connection from iOS version 13.3.1 onwards, and there is nothing to do about it other then "hope" that Apple will change the iOS restrictions in the future.

Has anybody come across this and maybe found workarounds or solution to the problem?
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