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Solution Confirmed Avaya Partner ACS incoming line ringing pattern

Hi everyone,

I have an Avaya Partner ACS PBX system with six lines for our business. We have Xfinity voice as our phone service and through Xfinity voice we have call routing which when someone calls our main number, it rolls to the next available line.

Last week I changed a setting on my extension (I'm extension 10 and have the main phone at my desk) and while I was out one day the person filling in for me decided to turn my ringer off but in the process changed the sequence in which incoming calls ring.

Our phone system is programmed (and for good reasoning) as follows with the last four digits of our phone number.

8191 - line 1
8192 - line 2
8193 - line 3
8194 - line 4

Now, when someone dials 8191, line 2 is the one that rings. If they are on the phone and someone dials our main number, 8191, line 4 is the one that rings. When we pick up line 1 and 3 to dial out, it works fine. It's almost like the incoming call line sequence was changed or something but this is only for incoming calls. Automatic line selection is working fine.

Angrily told the person that made this change to never touch anything else again. I am pulling my hair out about this. It doesn't seem like a big deal but we are a funeral home with an answering service that charges us when lines are not answered.

Any help would be appreciated!
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