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Default SIP functionality

Hi there,

I hope that someone will be able to help.

I have Avaya 1616 phones running One-X Quick Edition with a G20 ISDN BRI.

We have purchased a SIP trunk from the Phone Coop and have been given username, password and host details. The SIP service is actually provided by

I am able to connect and make calls with this service using a softphone.

I have configured the setting in Service Provider in Quick Edition. The problem is when trying to call via the SIP trunk, the phones report no line available. It takes about 20 seconds while is shows dialling before failing.

I am able to ping the sip gateway, but unable to telnet on port 5060.
As well as this when dialling, I have monitored network traffic, but cannot see any packets showing attempts to connect to magrathea's SIP server.

Is there something that I am missing about configuring Quick Edition?


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