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We had our telco setup ELINS for this problem. (ELINs that were created by the telco were 10 digit phone numbers for us)

For each site that we have we had a seperate ELIN created which would identify each site such as number, address, correct PSAPI in the telco's database. They then update the PSAPI with our ELIN information.

Created the ELIN as a dummy extension number.

We would assign IP phones from City 1 to a specific ELIN via IP-Network-Mapping and if there were digital/analog sets we would use on the station form and add the specific ELIN to Emergency Location Ext: on page 2.

From here we would outpulse the ELIN to our telco by changing public-unknown-numbering for that ELIN dummy extension to outpulse the actual ELIN number that our telco supplied us for that site.

Almost forgot. You will also need to set the Call Type of the ars form for 911 to emer
Protocol Version b was required for our PRI's as well

So now we can use one trunk group and have our telco send each locations 911 calls to the correct PSAP.

In testing when a user dials 911 do a list trace on that station and you could verify that you are outpulsing the correct ELIN number to your telco company.

I hope this helps.

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