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Default How to resolve filesystem full on CMS r12?


Infact its the inodes in the '/' or root filesystem which are completely consumed i.e. 100% used. The inodes or index nodes are used for any new file creation at the OS level and once all are used, not even temporary files get generated and your CMS becomes at risk of getting hung until some of the files are deleted. This issue in CMS generally crops up due to incorrectly configured alarm subsystem and related dependencies in CMS, which cause generation of 0 byte files at a regular interval and this may go on for years before the inodes get full.
There may be other reasons as well for a large number of file creation consuming the inodes. This is better looked by T3/backbone team in Avaya, if you have no prior experience with Solaris/Unix OS and CMS application with such issues.

Saurabh Kamra
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