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Default Avaya cm6 H323 issue on Update display

In this topic I would like to share an issue that I have with Avaya CM6. We currently have about 130 users on this system. The carrier mode is H323 and we are facing a strange issue. When someone is calling an internal user and this user is unavailable, if someone else picks up from another extension of the pickup group or is forwarded, the caller cannot see at his/her display the person who is talking to. If this call is picked up from another extension, the display says covered and if the call is forwarded the display says forward. It is very strange because the same procedure with SIP carrier mode works fine. We also have an IP Office 500 with H323 carrier mode and the display of the extension says the user who is talking to either is forwarded or picked up. As I can understand there is no problem with H323 mode but a configuration related thing. Could you please assist me, on how to configure this in order to solve it?
Thanks is advance
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