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Hi Jan,

Since your VSP7000s are connected in a Ring, you can upgrade one Switch at a time to minimize the outage and/or to provide a possibility for critical Services to fail over.

As for your questions:
- What version should I go to? I saw that a version 10.4 is available? Is this version stable?
=> 10.4 seems stable to us. We are running 10.4 at several Customer sites with no issues.
- Does my ISIS SPBM cloud still work after I upgraded one switch to 10.4?
=> Yes it will. Also 10.4 and 10.3.1 are compatible (SPBm-wise). So the Adjacencies should come up fine after upgrading one Switch.
- If I upgrade a switch, from to 10.4, can I do this in one reboot? Or do I need some in between versions?
=> There is no Upgrade path needed. You can upgrade directly to 10.4
- How long is the reboot window?
=> a VSP7000 takes about 2-3 minutes to boot
- I can't locate the upgrade instructions for the VSP7000 switches, I would think that it is roughly the same as a ERS5500 upgrade, but I would like to check this before bricking my devices.
=> The upgrade instructions are in the Release Notes to the V10.4. It starts on Page 26

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