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>> Lets revisit how you access the Viking Ring Down from the IPO.
>> Are you dialing a short code? Do you have a line appearance?

We have a line appearance for the 6 lines with ring-downs -- 706 - 712, one side of the ring down is plugged directly into the analog port on the IPO.

>> If you are dialing a short code, how is it set up?
>> Usually you would use something like *85 / Dial / {telephone number blank} / >> Outgoing Line Group ID of line interfaced to Viking

>> If this is what you are using, add a 9 in the telephone number field, when you dial the
>> short code the IPO will grab the line and dial the 9 then cut through the audio path

Currently, no short codes being dialed. Just selecting line 6 from an IPO phone. The ring-down begins ringing and the courtesy phone hears the ring and picks up (but no audio from the IPO to the courtesy phone unless a 9 is dialed from the IPO)

The line currently has the group id set to 0 and no telephone number. I kind of see where your going though. If we kept the line *always* dedicated to ring down use we could just have the 9 dialed when the line was picked up, right? The caveat is that we'd always have to use those lines just for use with these ring-downs -- or modify the IPO config based on wherever they were being used.
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