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Default Log out agents from CMS 13

Hi Andrew ,

Avaya Aura Communication manager has a feature (feature access code) called "Remote Logout of Agent Access Code". FAC typically used by a supervisor to logout an idle agent without being physically present at the agent station. The supervisor can be locally or remotely located. Available only if Service Observing (Remote/By FAC), Vectoring (Basic), and Vectoring (Prompting) are enabled on the system.

It can be found on "display feature-access-codes" page 5 of SAT interface of Avaya Aura Communication manager. This feature is independent of the CMS version used and a supervisor can use this to logout the agent.
Avaya Aura™ Communication Manager Screen Reference
Release 6.0 03-602878 Issue 2.0 June 2010 (Page 267)

Will this help you?
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