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Andrew, I presume that you were able to get past this issue. For others that might need the procedures, this is an excerpt from our Deployment Guide ( for how to add a trust cert to all instances in a cluster.

On System Manager, in Elements, click Avaya Breeze™.
In the left navigation pane, click Cluster Administration.
Select the cluster to which you want to administer the trusted certificates.
Click Certificate Management > Install Trust Certificate (All Avaya Breeze™ Instances) to download the trusted certificate for all the servers in the cluster.
note Note
The Trust Certificate that you are about to add will apply to all the Avaya Breeze™ servers assigned to the cluster.

From the Select Store Type to install trusted certificate menu, select the appropriate store type.
Click Browse to the location of your Trust Certificate, and select the certificate.
Click Retrieve Certificate, and review the details of the Trusted Certificate.
Click Commit .
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