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Sorry - I'm not quite following you. Are you saying that the scheduled reports are effectively locked in the timezone in which they were created and don't take account of DST?

So, for example, if I schedule a report to run at 12:00 GMT and the next day DST changes to GMT+1 (i.e. BST - British Summer Time) then the report will still be using the GMT timezone and run at 13:00 GMT+1? Where I actually want it to be 12:00 GMT+1 (11:00 GMT).

This seems an awfully big oversight to me. Why can't the scheduler software check the actual (DST-adjusted) system time?

It's not possible for me to set up two reports to cover this - it's a daily report and the interface does not allow a range of recurring dates to be entered. Can I do something on the OS level instead with e.g. crontab?
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