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Post Virtualized CM 8.1 - Only Showing Read Only Functions

We are going through the process of testing the Virtual Communication Manager 8.1 in our environment.
We have deployed the software on our VMware fine, but what we have noticed when logging in with our admin account, it's only allowing us to do read commands.
We cannot 'reset system 4', 'change' or 'add' into the CM.

I've confirmed the admin account we are using is setup and a 'privileged administrator'

We have yet to apply a licence to the unit, but we currently running CM 6.1 on a s8300 blade slotted into a G430 unit, and we usually can sit on 'licence error mode' for 30 days before the unit locks us out.
Is this not the case anymore, or are we missing some crucial step?

We are trying to avoid purchasing a licence for the moment, as this is more a proof of concept
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