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We have a similar problem with Aruba APs. Power won't completely drop but there is not enough power for the AP to properly come up. What I have found is that I will see on a "sh int" that the port has Flow-control disabled and, that the AP is negotiating 100mb instead of 1000. When I query the poe ports I will see that the problem ap is drawing slightly less power then the healthy ones. What is odd is that when I query lldp, the aruba says it is only capable of 10/100...yet move it to another unused port and it comes up. Main power is well under the 80% threshold - usually, at most, 50% -so it is not a load issue.

I am not sure that this applies in your case but "sh int", lldp queries, and the poe queries usually indicate the problem ports (or potentially problem ports). I will also run tdr tests with non poe devices to determine if there is an issue with the data path.
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