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Originally Posted by deville View Post

Sounds like a network problem.
Do your H323 Line use "Direct Media Path" ?
How your 3 sites are connected ? Through a MPLS, IPSEC VPN ?
From site with first IPO, can you ping second IPO ?

Thank you for reply !
We don't use "Direct Media Path" on both IPO's
Our 3 sites are connected through VPN so look ...
IP phones ( of provider-----(VPN)router -----(Gatekeeper Nortel)-------router(VPN)---IPnet of provider (the same)---(VPN)router-----(192.168.Y.0/24)IPO---------( phones.
Yes, we can ping 192.168.Y.0/24 from 192.168.X.0/24 . But ping ... it is a ICMP pacckets only you know ))), So it is very interesting problem ....
Try to guess what problem is please
Thanks !!!!!!!!!!
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