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Default ghost call dead air

Ah, this reminds me of a similar REALLY frustrating problem I experienced years ago. For weeks we were tearing our hair out. Check your VDN programming. Any chance you have an extension populating the Return Destination field?

I had mistaken that field for RONA which is something different entirely.

The Return Destination kicks in if the agent disconnects *before* the caller does. If your Return Destination is set to route a call back to the agent queue, your system will keep it alive for a while as an active call, continuously cycling through the contact center even though by now the original party has disconnected! It was the worst.

If your agents are transferring callers to a survey, but hang up before the transfer is fully completed, maybe this could be the issue?

It's a long shot, but maybe.
Fortunately if this happens to be the problem, it's an easy fix.
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