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Don't put a * in the forwarding command - it's just Feature 11-14-99 and Feature 11-16-99

How do the calls get to Ext. 14 and 16 in the first place? Via an automated attendant? Or just that your lines ring on these two extensions?

Remember that your extension must have at least one other available line for outgoing calls, and that must be in the automatic line select sequence - so if you lift your handset (when it isn't ringing, but when you want to make an outside call), the phone must give you one of your outside lines, and if that line is already in use, it must give you a different outside line. This is the order that the system will select lines for your forwarded calls.

And of course you must set the extensions for RCF, in #322, and not toll restricted. You should make sure pressing Feature 99 will select an outside line and call your cell phone properly.

Then turn on the forwarding with the button or the feature code, go to another extension, and Intercom the forwarded extension. The forwarded extension should beep, you should see a line go off hook, and the call should ring on the outside number.

Then place an outside call on another extension, and transfer it to the forwarded extension, to see if that also forwards out.
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