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You can rule out the CentreVu application by trying some test connections from the problem laptop/PC to the CMS Server - this should confirm IP connectivity is ok.

Firstly establish how you are connecting to your CMS Server.
Are you using a DNS for name resolution or IP address?

Can you ping the CMS Server from a DOS/CMD window using either the CMS Server's DNS name and again by it's IP address?

If you use Port 23 within your CentreVu Client, try a simple telnet session from a DOS/CMD window to the CMS Server to confirm if you get a log in response? (again useing either DNS name or IP address)

If you use SSH, get an application like puTTy to connect on Port 22 and try the same by connecting to the CMS Server.

As a sanity check, from a working laptop/PC connect to the CLI on your CMS Server (using root if you have access) and ping from it back to the IP assigned to the problem laptop/PC.

If all this looks good, then move on to the CentreVu application itself....
If not, then it's more likely IP connectivity network related = local/network firewall - DNS resolution - routing etc.

You could then use the approach, "what IS" and "what IS NOT" to establish the differences between the working clients and the fault client....
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