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I too hope that 9.1.9 release is stable, but I haven't seen the export error you are experiencing so I cannot comment to it directly. That said, is this a known-good flow that has passed the syntax/config checks and been set active? It sounds like a bad logic or configuration block is crashing the export. If it can't be opened can you roll back to a previous version?

Regarding the reporting issue, is this the connection to the reporting generator error? I have been fighting with this for a bit on 9.1.8 (as well as 9.1.6) and was really hoping to see it resolved in 9.1.9. That said, I *have* had some success with addressing what I believe is a root cause in my case... high cpu usage on the server. On my system, a backup process was running that sometimes caused the cpu to spike to 95+% and during those times the internal IPOCC services complained on slow response times communicating with each other. Even though the majority of services recover seamlessly after these occurrences, the report generator service never seems to "try again" and is broken until Watchdog gets restarted. I disabled the backup software and so far so good. Sorry for the long rambling post, but you may be able to determine what is happening to the server/network that is causing the ipocc to break before getting a patch for the reporting service itself.
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