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kajenvmv SEE CAPS BELOW:

Originally Posted by kajenvmv View Post

We are close to finish a deal with one of our customer, I need some additional information about IP office, Can you guys clarify this doubts ??

1 .Can we support a high availability deployment (active, standby) with IP office? If yes, do we need to buy all the licenses that were purchased for the primary box for the secondary box? NOT ALL LICENSES NEED TO BE DUPLICATED, SEE THE IPO KB PRODUCT DESCRIPTION/PUBLIC AND PRIVEATE NETWORKING\SMALL COMMUNICATY NETWORKING\RESILIENT SCN.

2. When we use Contact store for recording voice calls received by the Contact Center, what level for searching capability will we get? Will we be able to search for records by agent and by date? If you have any datasheets for the Contact store, could you share them with me? SEE

3. If we require a CRM integration, where the agent will get a screen-pop with the customer information, do we only have to add the CTI license, or are there any additional licenses required? DEPENDS ON THE CRM APPLICATION. MOST NEED A 3RD PARTY CITPRO RFA AND A DEVCONNECT PARTNER TO WRITE A HOOK PROGRAM.

Thank you in advance.

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