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Cool Unable to get ERS 3526 to work with Ignition Server

Does any one have a quick manual on how to and what to configure in a ERS 3526T-PWR so it can Authenticate users in with the Ignition Server?
  • Configured the EAPoL on the 3526
  • Added the Radius
  • Added switch as Authenticator
  • Created a simple access-polcy (that worked with cisco)

I was able to connect the Ignition Server to a Cisco 2960 and on the laptop was able to get the the windows EAPoL window, entered my user and password previously created in the Ignition Server - Internal Users and authenticated correctly. This was done with a few commands in Cisco but my problem is that I try to do the same test with and avaya 3526 I canīt get it to work, had read many manuals but still without success on this, I think this should be easier than Cisco.