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Default CS1K 7.65SW/MAS MUSIC and RAN stops working randomly after 2-3 days and need to reboo

There has been a issue reported on the feild for R7.65 SW where MAS MUSIC and RAN stops working randomly after 2-3 days and need to reboot MSC SERVER to recover .

Rad Vision cannot start SIP Session sometimes because there isn't some resources. I have failure to fully understand.
There are ERRORs related to leakage RadVision resourses which need to create new SIP sessions.

In the stack.txt I see that some callLegs is not cleaned (only for IP Music.
The reason of IP Music problem is a call leg leakage. During several days(about 10
– 20 days) number of call legs for MSC application is reached 1000 limit and problem
occurs. As provided by the latest call leg statistic it has been found that
application sometimes does not free a call leg after it has been used.
The similar problem for IP Announcement was not found.

In debug patch virtual limit of call legs has been increased from 1000 to 4000. So
issue will reoccur rarer than 10 -20 days. But call legs stack every day for some calls on high
traffic. It will lead to reoccurrence in the final. Work around is tracking call leg
statistic and restarting IP Music application before limit is reached.


are installed at the site.

In progress of investigation received RV traces it has been found some abnormal
-Unexpected INFO sip msgs is received by MSC periodically. It cause some errors
in RV traces. But it looks like it doesn’t cause callLeg leakage because in this
case call legs is not created for music.
-Some abnormal IP Musc calls. We see that ACK and BYE sends after INVITE
immediately. It may occur because unexpected local Delete Music msg instead Open
Channel ACP msg which lead to ACK and BYE. It was looked like more expected reason
of call leg leakage. But anyway it looks like Call Leg in this case removed
successfully too.

Avaya is aware of the issue and working on it with radvison team.
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