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Originally Posted by pcarlt View Post
I do need help trying to get this up and running. The main issue is that we can not resolve the ITSP Domain Address field in the Line -> SIP Line -> "ITSP Domain Name" with {our-domain}

It would be REALLY interesting, step by step, how you would go about getting Twilio to work with 1 SIP trunk on Avaya Office.

Yes, this was my issue too. The way we have it working is by creating 4 SIP lines for each of the 4 Twilio domestic IP addresses (SIP Line tab), through And then using zakabog's suggestion we use only one of these line numbers on the "SIP URI" tab. This allows to only have to create 1 set of "Incoming Call Routes" pointing to that same "Line Group ID" as is shown for the "Incoming Group" and "Outgoing Group" on the "SIP URI" tab. Please note that these call routes will require the "+1" for the "Incoming Number", assuming these are US DID's. Feel free to send me a phone number or email address and I'd be glad to arrange a discussion with you or show you my screen.
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