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Default Voicemail Pro Issue

We're running IPO500V2 @ 10.1 SP1 (Build 3), with an application server and seem to be having some issues with Voicemail Pro.

Generally every few days, but it can be same day, a number of alerts are received from IPO;

The Voicemail server is down
Voicemail Pro connection failure
Cleared: VoiceMail Pro connection failure
The Voicemail server is now operational|
Voicemail server OneX connection state changed|
Then later; The Voicemail server storage is OK|

Calls to voicemail (accessing mailbox for example) still works, but calls to the auto-attendant stop working.

When checking the services on the app server, the server does not appear to have stopped, or at least the time suggests the service has not been stopped/started.

If the service is restarted manually, all service resumes as normal.

Any suggestions where the issue may lie?

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