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Default 1608 Boot cycle issue

Hi Guys,

We have a weird issue with the 1608 phones whereby if connected to a port with both data and voice vlans (data native, voice tagged) occasionally some phones go into a boot loop, this can happen after months of use and suddenly they get power cycled and start to play up.

When these same phones are connected to a native voice vlan port however, they work fine (sometimes they also need a craftclear but still bootloop on the data vlan once cleared).

Also, often once they have booted and logged on connected to the native voice vlan, I can re-connect them to the tagged port and they work fine!

On the Data DHCP scope we have -

242 = L2Q=0,L2QVLAN=14 (I did have the vlantest=60 but was advised to trim the dhcp options to minimum)

On the Voice DHCP (same server with a DHCP helper relay on the router) -

242 = MCIPADD=,,MCPORT=1719,HTTPSRVR=10. 1.1.2,

This is because we have a failover IP Office server in a different site but I have tried without the second IP in the option.

Anyone have any ideas?

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