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Default 112 / 911 emergency question

Hi There,

Most of our customers are call centers and they ask us to block all outbound calls from extensions which don't have agents logged in.
But that conflicts with local law which clearly states that all phones need to be able to dial 911 or 112 calls. And the law even states that the person dialing the emergency number doesn't even have to dial an ARS access digit/string.
Simply dialing 911 or 112 should work.
So, all our customer's phones have COR 0 (FRL 0).
All our customer's PBX systems have a Route Pattern 1 with several trunk groups assigned to it and FRL 0.
All our customer's ARS is configured with "string-112, min-3, max-3, route-1, type-pubu".
This means that any station in the PBX can dial 0 (ARS access digit) and 112 and the call is placed.
The question here is: how can I make it work without them having to dial the 0 for the ARS? I saw something in a blog mentioning "ars digit-conversion" but I don't know how that works and when I try to set it up I get a "denial event".
Thanks in advance.


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