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[Note] I was writing this while you posted the previous 2 posts...

Okay, I've been reading the manual and it seems that, if I use the ars digit-conversion, apparently I don't need to use 0112 as the replacement string. I just need to use 112 in the replacement string and set the net as ars.
I've tried that and it didn't work. Denial event.
But suddenly, it seems to me that the ars digit-conversion is not what I am looking for. I am looking for a way to dial 112 and make the system understand that this is not an internal call and that it needs to check the ARS tables in order to choose a route pattern to place the call.
In the UK/US this works great because you guys use the 9 for outbound calls. So, the person dials 911 and without knowing is already dialing the ARS access digit. And then you use the ars digit-conversion to convert 11 into 911 again.
This is not what happens in EU world. We dial 0 for outbound calls and our emergency number is 112.
This would work only if our ARS access digit was 1. The system would interpret 1 as the ARS access digit and then we would use the ars digit-conversion to convert 12 into 112. Easypeasy.
Now, how do we make this work for 112 with 0 as the ARS access digit?
Thanks in advance.

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