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Originally Posted by thiel2 View Post
Set the extension to NO ring

From Ext. 10
Feature 00
Left Intercom button Twice
Right Intercom button Once
Dial the extension number of the phone you want to change

The line buttons light up solid green
Touch each button to toggle through the 3 options, Immediate Ring, Delayed Ring, or No Ring (the light pattern changes and the display tells you have it is set to)

Feature 00 to exit

(Hopefully commenting on an old thread gets noticed....)

I have a related issue where I'm trying to set No Ring for lines 5-10 on extensions 17, 18, 19 and have done so correctly via the instructions noted here, but they're still ringing immediately at those extensions. (All lines always ring immediately at those extensions.) Are there any options in a Partner Plus system that could override these settings somehow?
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