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Angry Switch 5520 network printer PoE Issues

I have a customer that I have installed over 1600 new multi-function printers at. They use 5520 & 4850 switches. The printers are non PoE devices. I have a number of printers that PoE is wrecking havoc on them, from frying boards to firmware reloads to making the printers network port disable and locking up the devices among other issues.

Since my devices are non-PoE devices should the switches be sending power to these devices? Is this a known issue for non-PoE MFPs? I can get the customer to occasionally turn off PoE to the port and my issues go away, but the customer does not want to do this. Are the switches configured incorrectly to not detect my non-PoE devices automatically?

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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