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Default After 11.0 upgrade, multiple calls from SIP device to IPO failing.

This is a tough one to search in the knowledgebase so I'm hoping someone here might have some direction from me.
A 500v2 r9.1 has a 2N IP Force doorphone connected with a 3rd party endpoint. The doorphone itself, when the button is pressed, makes multiple simultaneous calls to 6 extensions on the IP Office. This is done on the doorphone instead of a group in the IPO because the doorphone also screen pops video to the users' computers. This was working great.

After upgrading the IPO to 11.0.4, the doorphone can only call one extension simultaneously. I can see it attempting all 6 calls, but the first 5 are terminated by the IPO and the 6th goes through fine. If I only specify one recipient, that works fine. I can see the calls connecting in Monitor, then immediately disconnecting, and it almost looks like normal call clearing. Maybe I'm missing a filter I need to see the reason.

If anyone has insight, it would be greatly appreciated.
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