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Default CMS Timetables Question

Running into an issue with timetables in emulator, for CMS. I'm trying to put multiple reports in one single timetable. I'm being told by the system that it cannot save more than one report in the timetable. The user ID being used for the timetable is "cms". When I make a timetable using my own user ID, I'm able to save more than one report in the timetable. Does anyone know if the user ID cms cannot have more than one report in a timetable? The user ID specified seems to be the only difference between the two timetables. I know...just don't use the cms user ID but I would still like to know if this is the cause of the issue. I would think cms as a user ID would have super-user or root level access, so it shouldn't be blocking me from saving multiple reports in one timetable. Thank you if anyone out there can help!
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