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Question AG Reports statistic differences

I'm running on IP Office Contact Center 9.1.22 and I've struggled with reporting features. Finally I got reports that kind of show information from the only topic and AG the customer has configured.

Now, I created a template and generate reports weekly in two modes, divided by timeframes (00:00-07:30, 07:30-15:00,15:00-22:30, 22:30-23:59) and for the whole period covering 00:00-23:59.

If I manually sum up all totNAg from reports from the stated time periods, and compare it to the information on the WHOLE PERIOD report, numbers don't match.

The SUM of calls from the same timefframe divided in periods always si higher thant the number I get from the report covering the WHOLE PERIOD. Why is this happening?

Also, I'm looking into updating the system to the most recent version available today (IP Office Contact Center - 9.1.7), but would like to know if there are enhancements on report generation and to what degree so I can convince the customer and avoid just creating a risky situation.
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