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Default CM6 h323 phone can't get external calls

Greetings - First post here so please don't beat me up too much!

I have an h323 phone programmed in my core switch. I am using an One X Communicator to register it, and it works. (extension 4250)

Secondly, I have a SIP extension coming off my SM that I am am using on a second PC with One X Communicator. (extension 4201)

Lastly, I have a SIP trunk connection my Asterisk switch to my SM. Generally, this processes calls correctly.

So, here are my test cases:

H323 phone - SIP phone = Success

SIP phone - H323 phone = Success

H323 phone - Asterisk Phone = Fail

Asterisk Phone - H323 Phone = Fail

SIP phone - Asterisk Phone = Success

Asterisk Phone - SIP Phone = Success

So, this makes me think my SM has no idea about my H323 phone off the core, and I somehow need to tell it about it. I do have a routing pattern in the SM saying anything 42XX should go down to the core, but I don't think it is doing that for some reason.

In doing a traceSM I see the invite from Asterisk go to the SM100, and then the SM100 replies with Not Found. How do I get it to "find it"?

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