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Default Modify / Remove of P-Asserted-Identity on Avaya CM

Hi, I have a Avaya PBX with CM6.0 connected to Sonus SBC, in turn connecting to Telco for external PSTN calls through SIP trunks.
When there are non DDI phone numbers making external PSTN calls, these are being rejected as it was claimed that the P-Asserted-Identity when this call is made contain non DDI numbers and not recognized by Telco. Telco will only allow the calls if the P-Asserted-Identity contains the registered DDI numbers.
On the Avaya PBX end, how can I modify the P-Asserted-Identity so that all non-DDI numbers will be updated with a registered DDI number, or remove the P-Asserted-Identity completely when the calls are sent to the Sonus SBC, hence resolving the P-Asserted-Identity issue? Appreciate your quick response. Thank you.

Below is a reference log from the Sonus SBC when it first receive the external call from Avaya.

INVITE sip:62725300@xx.xx.xx.x SIP/2.0
From: "Test Non DDI" <>;tag=80d6aca09962e815abb58 6aeac000
To: <sip:62725300@xx.xx.xx.x>
Call-ID: 80d6aca09962e815bbb586aeac000
Max-Forwards: 71
Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bK80d6aca09962e815cbb586 aeac000
Supported: 100rel,histinfo,join,replaces,sdp-anat,timer
User-Agent: Avaya CM/R016x.00.1.510.1
Contact: "Test Non DDI" <;transport=tcp>
Route: <sip:xx.xx.xx.x;transport=tcp;lr;phase=terminating >
Accept-Language: en
Alert-Info: <cid:external@xx.xx.xx.x>;avaya-cm-alert-type=external
History-Info: <sip:62725300@xx.xx.xx.x>;index=1
History-Info: "62725300" <sip:62725300@xx.xx.xx.x>;index=1.1
Min-SE: 1200
P-Asserted-Identity: "Test Non DDI" <>
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