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No L3 capability in the VSP 3000 means no iSt or virtual chassis. That's a deal killer. But we don't plan on moving towards anything for a couple years. Since we're government, it takes time to plan and get the money to do anything. I think VENA deserves a good study in my environment. I'll give it a read and post any questions here.

Our existing topology seems to be perfect if you ask me. But my fellow NEs would like to 'simplify' the network by routing at the distribution layer, and reducing a lot of hardware.

Check out the existing topology:
The Blue Switches are L3 Physical Switches, using RSMLT for redundancy. As you can see there are two IST's in this picture. ITD and KAN are virtually one router, same for HIG and New Gov Center. All of the devices are 8606 chassis, except McMillan. But the question about this design is...where do you install an IPS &/Or IDS? It's all Multi Mode and Single Mode Fiber (some connections are 40kilometers, some 1k).

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