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Last Occur The month, day, hour, and minute (and second, if the high-resolution
command-line option is used) of the most recent error. If the system is
unable to retrieve the time of day when the error occurred, a “dummy”
date will be stamped in the log so as to distinguish it from reliable data.
It appears as “00/00/01:07”
Err Cnt The total number of times that the error type has occurred. The maximum
entry is 999.
Err Rt Average hourly rate at which the error has occurred from the first
occurrence to the present. The maximum entry is 999.
Rt/Hr An approximation of the rate at which this error occurred in the last hour.
The maximum entry displayed is 999.
Al St Alarm Status – A character indicating the status of this MO in the error
and alarm logs.
• a  active alarm entry
• r  resolved alarm entry
• c  resolved alarm entry due to long clear option of test
• s  resolved alarm entry due to a software-requested (nondemand)
system restart
• t  resolved alarm entry due to a technician-requested system
• n  not alarmed
Ac y/n Indicates if the maintenance object is still under active consideration
by the maintenance subsystem

below a document with a detailed description about alarms and errors.
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