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Default Cannot log into web UMS or play back messages through 1 x mobile

We can not log into web UMS though we can access voicemail via phone and see messages through one x mobile app. When we try to log into the web page the page indicates bad password or username however those match what Ip office is set up to use. In onex Mobile when we try to play back messages the app does nothing at all .other than that one X works great just cant play messages back through it

Voicemail is on a 2012 windows web server
Using IIS 8 (iis6 mangement tools are loaded)
IP Office version is build 983
The test users are set up as power users with power user licenses
they are set to use UMS web services
in IP Office Manager user name at sign in matches IP office manager name section as well as using same password from manager
The same information allows users to log into one X Mobile

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