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Default Call Park on CM 6.3

I am needing help with implementing the Call Park feature on 6.3. We are upgrading all of our campuses from Nortel Blue to Avaya Red and I have several schools that use the Call Park feature all the time on the Nortel side. They park a call, get a 3 digit number read back to them, then do a page saying 'Call parked on xxx' the user hits 'xxx' on a phone and picks up the call.
I can not get this feature to work on the Avaya side and they are getting upset.
The only solution I have found is to park the call and then use the FAC for Answer Back Access followed by the original extension to pick up the call. This will not work for us because we do not want to have to make school wide pages saying "call parked on #1057671505"

Do you know if there is a way to make this feature work on Avaya Red the way it worked on Nortel Blue. Or something more user friendly?

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