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From an older post I got this. The way this would work well is that you don't have to give (page) the number as you would always park the call on the personal extension:

You use the feature code or can program speed dial buttons:

We set up the Answer Back Access Code on a system speed dial bin (change abbr sys) and labeled it "ParkAnswer". We program that key on the phones that will be picking up parked calls. You can also put the FAC (in your case, *105) on an autodial key if you don't want to put it in system speed dial.

The secretary/receptionist gets a Call Park key on their phone. To park a received call, they press Transfer, then press the Call Park key, then enter the extension number where they want to park the call. They can then page the person or call into their office to let them know they have a parked call.

The person receiving the call lifts the handset and presses the "ParkAnswer" key to get the call. If they're picking it up from an extension other than their own, they press the "ParkAnswer" key then enter their extension number to get the call.

If you want the receptionist to be able to voice announce to an extension that they have a call on hold, you can either set up intercom groups, or you can add the Internal Auto Answer feature to the receiving phone, so that internal calls will go to the speaker rather than ring to the phone.
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