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Default Attendant night service issue with VDN, Vector, and Coverage

Current version CM 6.2
Voicemail: MS Unified Messaging

When the attendant (main switchboard) is in night service mode, it points to a VDN, and vector. In the vector steps is an announcement with steps to collect digits to route-to a number with coverage. The extensions are to other department VDN's and corresponding vectors much like an auto-attendant to help with after hours calls.

Scenario 1. When the caller selects a digit from the night service vector, and the corresponding vector routes it directly to the department's station with coverage for voicemail, the caller will hear a busy signal and never gets to the departments voicemail. In this particular situation, I can see in the call trace, that it dials the station specified, but will then say "busy station" after dialing the station. Caller only hears a busy signal.

Scenario 2. When the user selects a digit from the night service vector, and the corresponding vector routes to an announcement with instructions to press "1" to leave a voicemail, the caller will be transferred to the specified station, but the caller will only hear ringing, and will never go to cover. In this particular scenario, the station actually never rings, but the caller will hear ringing.

In all three vectors, the step is route-to number with cov y

Both scenarios use the same coverage path for voicemail.
Cvg Enabled for VDN Route-To Party is set to yes.
Coverage point is to a hunt group.

It appears that the call never gets to it's destination, and I can't tell from the traces where its going. At first I thought this was a double coverage issue, but I don't think so. I should also note, that the two scenarios work as they should when not going through the night service mode.

Let me know what additional information would be helpful.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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