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I believe that I am seeing the same results as paris12. I can set up my voicemail account and see that I have voicemails via the CallPilot icon in the notification area but there are no voicemails showing up in in Outlook, either in their own mailbox or in my primary mailbox. I AM able to see my CallPilot address book in Outlook though. When I go to accounts in Outlook, there is no way to set up my CallPilot "mailbox". I do have the CallPilot Outlook toolbar/menu.

I am running Outlook 2013 32-bit on a Windows 7 64bit machine.

Is their a component of the client that is not installing or is there some step or configuration that we are missing?

Originally Posted by paris12 View Post
I am having an issue with CallPilot Desktop Client.

I have the version suggested in the post above, but i am getting "Audio Player Only" during the install and it isn't installing the outlook portion of the client.

Without this I can send faxes from the computer but I am not receiving voicemails and faxes within outlook.

Any suggestions?
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