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Originally Posted by jpickerell429 View Post
I believe that I am seeing the same results as paris12. I can set up my voicemail account and see that I have voicemails via the CallPilot icon in the notification area but there are no voicemails showing up in in Outlook, either in their own mailbox or in my primary mailbox. I AM able to see my CallPilot address book in Outlook though. When I go to accounts in Outlook, there is no way to set up my CallPilot "mailbox". I do have the CallPilot Outlook toolbar/menu.

I am running Outlook 2013 32-bit on a Windows 7 64bit machine.

Is their a component of the client that is not installing or is there some step or configuration that we are missing?

This is because it is not installing the mail profile piece, which is what gives the outlook integration.

If you notice during install it says "audio player only", which all you will get.

I would love to know if there is a way around this, or some way to get it to manually install the outlook portion.
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