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I have (well had, as it is closed as of now) an open ticket with Avaya in the BCM team. My rep found out that this is a know issue with the CallPilot installer in that it doesn't not properly detect the installation path of Outlook. The rep stated a case where the OS is 64 bit but 32-bit Outlook is not installed to the Program Files (x86) path and the installer doesn't properly detect this. This fits my case were I am running 64-bit OS, 32-bit Outlook, but in my case there is another issue that Outlook is not installed on the C drive (main drive is SSD but not big enough to install all apps to).

The BCM team doesn't write the CallPilot desktop app as that is the responsibility of the bigger CallPilot team. They are working on writing a "smarter" installer and hope to test it in the next few weeks. As a BCM client, we might have access to it by April. Will post an update if I receive any more info.

Also, I wonder if you can't "trick" the installer into installing the mail profile piece by temporarily copying certain Outlook files to the correct Program Files (or Program files (x86)) folder and then copying any needed CallPilot plugin pieces to the "correct" Outlook folder?

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This is because it is not installing the mail profile piece, which is what gives the outlook integration.

If you notice during install it says "audio player only", which all you will get.

I would love to know if there is a way around this, or some way to get it to manually install the outlook portion.
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