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Default IPO500 multi-site issue

HI guys, i have configured ipsec vpn for multisite deployment of IPO between 2 routers cisco 881 , vpn is up , if i put 2 PC on the ends i am able to ping/tracert both PC , but when i put IPO on 1 end and iptelefon on other iptelefon get proper voice vlan & ip but can not register to IPO . I put PC on the same voice network and can not ping IPO , i guess it doesn't answer... may be because I could not find option default gateway on it and it doesn't know next hop? ...
IPO<->Router_A<->Router_B<->PC/IPtelefon . IPO wan, Router_A to IPO, router_a and router_b , PC/iptelefon /27
Please if u have any guide how to config IPO for multisite deployment or instructions give the links. Help me please ...
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