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Default PLease Help! -4548GT-PWR - NEWBIE questions


I tried to read through the manual but I am at a loss. I'm familiar with configuring extreme switches but for some reason can't figure out a number of things on the avaya and could really use your help please. I'm fine with using the gui or the console. I'll try to break them into a few topics so people can handle the questions they know.

1 - show config - on cisco and extreme it shows you a great deal of info - is there something like this on avaya? That command doesn't seem to show me much. I've tried show config-network and it really doesn't display what it would on a cisco or extreme.

2 - save - how do I save the config to a drive or export it for safe keeping?

3 - show stpd -spanning tree - how do I show if spanning tree is enabled or disabled.
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