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Originally Posted by bdillard View Post
1 - show config - on cisco and extreme it shows you a great deal of info - is there something like this on avaya? That command doesn't seem to show me much. I've tried show config-network and it really doesn't display what it would on a cisco or extreme.
show running-config depending on the release this will show you all configuration or just the delta from defaults. If you are on a later release then it will show just deltas. To show full config, use verbose qualifier ie show running-config verbose

4526T-PWR+(config)# show running-config
! Embedded ASCII Configuration Generator Script
! Model = Ethernet Routing Switch 4526T-PWR+
! Software version = v5.6.1.052
! Displaying only parameters different to default
configure terminal
! *** CORE (Phase 1) ***


Originally Posted by bdillard View Post
2 - save - how do I save the config to a drive or export it for safe keeping?
To save locally, the switch performs autosave regularly; you can explicitly force a save using: save config or copy config nvram

4526T-PWR+(config)# save config
4526T-PWR+(config)# copy config nvram

To save to use or tftp, then you have a choice as to saving the binary or ascii configuration.

4526T-PWR+(config)# copy config usb filename myconfig.bin
% Contacting USB device.
% Configuration file successfully written.
4526T-PWR+(config)# copy config tftp address filename my3.bin
% Contacting TFTP host.
% Configuration file successfully written.
4526T-PWR+(config)# copy running-config usb filename myconfig.ascii
% Generating ASCII Configuration
% Writing ASCII configuration file: myconfig.ascii
% ACG configuration generation completed
4526T-PWR+(config)# copy running-config tftp address filename my3.ascii
% Generating ASCII Configuration
% Contacting TFTP host:
% Writing ASCII configuration file: my3.ascii
% ACG configuration generation completed

Originally Posted by bdillard View Post
3 - show stpd -spanning tree - how do I show if spanning tree is enabled or disabled.
show spanning-tree or show interface commands can be used

4526T-PWR+(config)# show spanning-tree ?
config Display Spanning Tree configuration
cost-calc-mode Display pathcost type
mode Display Spanning Tree operation mode
port Display spanning tree status of each port
port-mode Display spanning-tree port membership mode
stp Display spanning-tree configuration for specified group ID
vlans Display spanning-tree group VLAN members
802dot1d-port-compliance Display 802dot1d port compliance mode
bpdu-filtering Display BPDU filtering configuration

4526T-PWR+(config)# show spanning-tree port
Port Trunk Participation Priority Path Cost State
---- ----- --------------- -------- --------- ----------
1 Normal Learning 128 10 Forwarding
2 Normal Learning 128 10 Forwarding
3 Normal Learning 128 10 Forwarding
4 Normal Learning 128 10 Forwarding
5 Normal Learning 128 10 Forwarding
6 Normal Learning 128 10 Forwarding

4526T-PWR+(config)# show interface 1/1 ver
Port: 1
Admin Status: Enable
Oper Status: Up
EAP Oper Status: Up
VLACP Oper Status: Down
STP Oper Status: Forwarding
Link: Up
LinkTrap: Enabled
Link Autonegotiation: Enabled
Link Speed: 100Mbps
Link Duplex: Full-Duplex
Flow Control: Disable
Energy Saver: Disabled
Energy Saver Oper Status: No Power Saving
BPDU-guard (BPDU Filtering): Disabled
BPDU-guard (BPDU Filtering) Oper Status: N/A
SLPP-guard: Disabled
SLPP-guard Oper Status: N/A

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